To find out how much your tumble dryer is costing you in terms of electricity usage, you first need to find the specifications of your tumble dryer on the internet or within the documentation that came with it. You will notice a number similar to “2800W”. This means that your tumble dryer uses 2.8kW of electricity per hour. The average tumble dryer uses between 2,5kWh to 3.5kWh

The average cost per kWh in South Africa at the moment is currently 52.3c / kWh.

Take the two numbers and multiply them together to get your cost per hour: 2.8kWh x 52.3c = R1.46 / hour

An average household of 4 running a tumble dryer produces around 5 loads of washing a week which can each take 1.5hours to dry. This means that your tumble dryer can be responsible for  a total of between R43.60 to R54.92 of the monthly usage.

Obviously this all depends on what time you are actually using your electricity as the tariffs in South Africa are based on “Peak rates” and “Standard rates” with the peak rates being nearly 400% higher in some instances. Using your tumble dryer at these times can cost you between R170 and R210 for the month.

Look out for the Energy Ratings on the tumble dryer you are looking at buying. Buying a tumble dryer with an “A” rating will cost you the least in the long run. Bosch tumble dryers seem to be leading the way when it comes to energy efficiency.

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