washing machineAlthough washing machines do not use as much electricity as tumble dryers do, it still makes up quite a sum. In order to try and calculate the cost of your washing machine you would need to do some serious sums in order to get the actual number. Things such as the kWh of your washing machine and the amount of times you use hot wash over cold wash can drastically affect your calculation and cost.

In order to keep this as simple as we can, we’ll work on averages. Let’s assume you own a front loader 7kg washing machine that uses 1.14kWh. This means that your tumble dryer will consume 1.14kW per hour on average.

For an average household of 4, you would probably expect to do a load a day. Each load can take up to 1.5hrs. This means that you would consume 1.71kW each day. The average cost of electricity is now around 107c/kWh.

Multiplying these two numbers together should give you the cost: 1.71kW * R1.07c = R1.83 per day. Not quite as much as you thought it would be is it?

This number obviously depends on the cycle that you use and at what time you are operating your washing machine. Peak hours in “high demand” seasons could cost you around 50% more than expected.

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